Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks

I sort of have this thing for washi tape. I'm sure I'm not alone in this obsession, so I thought I'd share with you something I like to do with washi tape! I'm ALWAYS looking for new things to do with it, and I love to read so... Bookmarks!

I made my own tape for this(using tissue paper), which is super simple to do, I've made loads. I can't remember what exact tutorial I found when first making mine but Chloe over at A little birdy blog, has made one, and you can find it here!

So lets get right to it- this is super simple and fast!
You will need: Cardstock, washitape, ribbon(optional), inkpad(optional), pencil/stamps(optional)

Step one: Cut cardstock to the size of your choice
Step two: Cut your ribbon (mines a few inches), and place it in the center of your bookmark. Step three:  Use piece of your washi tape to secure it down.
Step four: Place more tape to your liking!
And finally, stamp it to your liking!
I used the eraser on a pencil to get little circle shapes, which I saw used a couple weeks ago (but they had cut it to triangle.)
I also painted a watercolor heart on one:)

Here's a few I've made so far.
The middle one is made from fabric, which I'll probably do a tutorial on as well!
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Have fun making bookmarks:)
Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest here, I had to use my moms phone instead of my camera!

Also, just to let you guys know, my sponsors page is up! I'd love to do some ad swaps with you guys!

Well, see you all next time:)

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