Friday, February 28, 2014

♥ Free Printables- Calendar + Wall art ♥

Free Printables
( calendar + wall art )

Lately (as in since I could use a crayon) I've been loving making things for my bedroom walls. I print things for them aaallll the time, but here are some graphic-ishy things that I created recently that I thought I'd share with you guys!

The first is a calendar!
 I made it in a few colors for you guys to choose from and here they are: 

Click here to download the green, pink and blue calendar
Click here to download the blue, purple and yellow calendar

And here are two other versions:

Click here to download the all pink calendar
Click here to download the pink, and blue-ish calendar

Oh, and the "Just Pepperminty" Watermarks will be gone if you print, but please don't take credit for them:)

Next, I did a little wall print of a lovely quote from Walt Disney(which you've probably heard from Meet the Robinsons)
Again, there's four different ones to pick from:

Click here to download the blue print
Click here to download the dark pink print

And the other two:

Click here to download the light pink print
Click here to download the purple print
The "Just Pepperminty" mark will be gone when printed, like I explained above!

Sooo, that's all I've got for today! If any of you like these I'll make more prints etc. in the future! Just let me know. I'd love to hear your ideas as well!

I think I'll have a DIY coming soon! And I might do a 'favorites'/'currently' post, because I haven't done one yet!
Talk to you guys later!

Stay minty,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award
So I was recently nominated by Morning to do the Liebster Award. :)
Thanks so much for nominating me!

The rules:
1. Each nominee must link back to the person that nominated them!
2. Answer the ten questions given to you by the nominator!
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers!
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer!5. Let the nominees know you have nominated them by going to their website and notifying them!


1. Thing you are currently fangirling/obsessing about? Oh my goodness, I'm always fangirling. A few of the things I fangirl/obsess over are Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Frozen, Brave. If we're including music then definitely add Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato to that list. There's lots more, too, hehe.
2. Your quirkiest habit? Uhh, I don't really know. Well, I put juice on my cereal? I don't like milk!
3. Your dream travel destination? The whole world basically!
4. Guilty pleasure? Peanut butter. Definitely peanut butter.
5. Who was the last person you waved hello? Probably a neighbor when I walked my dog today?
6. Favorite YouTuber? I could never choose omg. I have SO many. Random fact: I actually used to be a youtuber.
7. Your favorite fruit? No idea tbh. It's very nummy though:)
8. Have you ever watched the movie version of a book before you actually read it? Hmm well, when Harry Potter came out I was too little to read them, so technically I saw SOME of the movies first!
9. Your favorite store? I like bookstores. especially odd/quirky/old ones.
10. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson (if you have read the books? If you haven't, then just say which one you would rather read based on the series titles...)? Harry Potter of course!!! My sister is a huge fan of Percy Jackson, but I have just barely started the first hehe.
Images belong to me. Please ask for use.

My questions:
1. What is your favorite type of music to listen to?
2. Who inspires you? (celebrity, family member, friend etc.)
3. Favorite thing to blog about?
4. What do you like to do to cheer yourself- or friends who are going through a rough time- up?
5. Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
6. What are your favorite books and things to obsess over?
7. Real or fiction?
8. If you could hop into your favorite place in a book, movie, or tv show,(Hogwarts, Narnia, Camp Half Blood, the Tardis, etc.) what places would you choose?
9. What's something in your room right now that you couldn't live without?
10. If you could meet anyone in the world,from any time frame, who would you chose?

Images belong to me. Please ask for use.
Oooookaay, that's all I've got!
I can't think of who I should tag, so if you would like to be nomimnated you can just comment down below(or email me at flickeroflight4(at)gmail(dot)com), and I'll put your name here, and you can consider yourself tagged! :)
So far I tag:
Chloe at Curious Ramblings
and RaChil at The Cwafty Blog
Ashely at Ashley-ashstash
Hopefully my questions are okay haha.
Sorry for the lack of photos in this post I just couldn't think of what I'd add!

New post soon I hope!

Stay minty,


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Super Simple DIY: Fabric covered storage

Storage from a Tin
Hey guys! So today-as you can see from the title- I have a very simple DIY for you!
They may be simple but they're SO helpful :)
I saw something slightly similar on Pinterest, but it wasn't fabric covered, just labeled, so I thought I'd try my own twist on them! Plus the idea had been brewing in my head for quite sometime hehe.

A couple of things I use mine for, is holding sewing supplies, -like buttons and thread- And my headphones-I don't know about you guys, but I alwaaays lost my headphones. This is a great place to keep them so you always know where to find them! As long as you remember to put them in ;) 

But really, they're super simple, cute, AND helpful!

What you need:
Scraps of fabric
Altoid tins (or any tin you have/would like to use)
Mod podge (I'm not sure, but other glues/sealers may work!)

Cut your fabric to cover the area of your tin- I cut mine a bit extra so that I could wrap the sides.
2.Apply a layer of mod podge on the top of the tin with a paint brush and carefully place down your fabric. Make sure you've placed it correctly and smoothed out any air bubbles!
3.Mod podge the sides and press them smooth as well. Repeat this on the inside corners if you still have excess fabric.
4.Once those things dry, you can put another coat of mod podge on the outside to make the fabric less likely to come up after time. 
Now you're done! So easy.

If yours are a bit like mine the tins got a little sticky opening up. This is because the fabric made the top thicker(if you folded under). I solved that problem by pressing an indent into the front and middle with my thumb- as you can see if you look closely in the photos-, and they're good as new now. 

   A little tip:
 Do you ever have to spend a lot of time going through your loads of buttons trying to find the right color or  size? You can keep them better organized by stacking them up on a large safety pin like you see below! 

I made these really quickly and it was pretty fun too! There are so many different uses for them, especially because you can do this with pretty much any tin/container that you have!
Of course, I have loads of these Altoid tins because I go through mints like water. They're so amazingly strong and pepperminty!! ;)

Are any of you guys gonna make these? What would you store in them?
Well, I hope you found this helpful:)
Talk to you next time!

P.S. I also have a trick for tangle-free headphone cords! If anyone's interested I'd be happy to do a post on how to make them! :)P.P.S I'm going to try and post more regularly, I just can't seem to get the hang of a schedule haha.

Stay minty,

Sunday, February 2, 2014

100 Journal Ideas

100 ideas (for use with a journal)

Heeelllo everybody! 
Awhile ago I was on Keri Smith's website. You might know her as the author of the Wreck This Journal series. Lots of other amazing books as well! Anyway, while I was browsing I came across her
100 Ideas (for use with a journal) post... thingy!

It really inspired me to start journaling again, because I'm horrible at keeping up with journals, diaries, etc. I always want to- I've had them off and on since I was just a little kid!

But this post has these really amazing ideas for you to use, a few of my favorites being: 

Write a letter to yourself in the future.

List all of the places you've ever lived. (That's a LOAD for me)

Create a character based on someone you know. Write a list of personality traits.

List the smells in your neighborhood.

Put a small object in your left pocket (or in a bag), put your left hand in the pocket. Draw it by feel.

Illustrate the concept of 'simplicity'

I just love the ideas soooo much- I just had to share! You can view the whole list here
I think that I might share some pages(i.e when I draw things) I do if I find any of them to come out interestingly enough, or just need a post idea, haha. 

So what do you guys think of the list, are you gonna try it out with me? 
It'd be cool if someone else joined me!

P.S. You can pin my pictures now! Just roll over and click the pin button:)
P.P.S Thanks Anna!

Well, until next time, 

Stay minty,