Saturday, February 15, 2014

Super Simple DIY: Fabric covered storage

Storage from a Tin
Hey guys! So today-as you can see from the title- I have a very simple DIY for you!
They may be simple but they're SO helpful :)
I saw something slightly similar on Pinterest, but it wasn't fabric covered, just labeled, so I thought I'd try my own twist on them! Plus the idea had been brewing in my head for quite sometime hehe.

A couple of things I use mine for, is holding sewing supplies, -like buttons and thread- And my headphones-I don't know about you guys, but I alwaaays lost my headphones. This is a great place to keep them so you always know where to find them! As long as you remember to put them in ;) 

But really, they're super simple, cute, AND helpful!

What you need:
Scraps of fabric
Altoid tins (or any tin you have/would like to use)
Mod podge (I'm not sure, but other glues/sealers may work!)

Cut your fabric to cover the area of your tin- I cut mine a bit extra so that I could wrap the sides.
2.Apply a layer of mod podge on the top of the tin with a paint brush and carefully place down your fabric. Make sure you've placed it correctly and smoothed out any air bubbles!
3.Mod podge the sides and press them smooth as well. Repeat this on the inside corners if you still have excess fabric.
4.Once those things dry, you can put another coat of mod podge on the outside to make the fabric less likely to come up after time. 
Now you're done! So easy.

If yours are a bit like mine the tins got a little sticky opening up. This is because the fabric made the top thicker(if you folded under). I solved that problem by pressing an indent into the front and middle with my thumb- as you can see if you look closely in the photos-, and they're good as new now. 

   A little tip:
 Do you ever have to spend a lot of time going through your loads of buttons trying to find the right color or  size? You can keep them better organized by stacking them up on a large safety pin like you see below! 

I made these really quickly and it was pretty fun too! There are so many different uses for them, especially because you can do this with pretty much any tin/container that you have!
Of course, I have loads of these Altoid tins because I go through mints like water. They're so amazingly strong and pepperminty!! ;)

Are any of you guys gonna make these? What would you store in them?
Well, I hope you found this helpful:)
Talk to you next time!

P.S. I also have a trick for tangle-free headphone cords! If anyone's interested I'd be happy to do a post on how to make them! :)P.P.S I'm going to try and post more regularly, I just can't seem to get the hang of a schedule haha.

Stay minty,


  1. Love this! Super cute and easy- might have to make myself a few of these
    - imogen xx

    1. Thanks Imogen! I'd love to see a picture if you do :)

  2. So cute ! I am inspired !
    Eb x

  3. Hey lovely! I just found your blog and it is absolutely lovely! I'm going to go follow you right now :)

    x Erin

    1. Awe, thank you amazing Erin! I love your blog so much!:)

  4. This is such a great idea! I love it!
    I will totally be trying this out; I always lose my headphones too!

    xo sarah.

  5. Cute diy! I love the fabric you chose. And good tip about the buttons x

  6. oh my gosh those buttons are fricking cuteeee! i jst cant....


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