Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY- Band Tees

Heelloo everyone. Long time no see! Again... But anyway here we are now, and hopefully you're all having a wonderful winter! (Or whatever season you're in)
Today I'm back with a DIY band tee. Band tees and fan tees are made often in my house- what can I say we're mega fangirls! This one is for the band American Authors *insert heart eye emojis* If you don't know them, I very highly recommend you click that link up there. You can most definitely do this with another band, singer, or anything else though!
So, let's get started -
Alrighty you will need: bleach pen // tee shirt // cardboard box // x-acto knife // design of choice
The tee I got was perfect for the job and on sale for $2.50, so you don't need anything too fancy! To find your design you can do a quick google search for a bands' logo, or any design you like (you could even freehand your own), print it off to the size you want it on your shirt, I made mine almost 8x10, just so it took up the whole page.

With your cardboard or a cutting mat underneath, use your x-acto knife to cut the outline of your design and tape it to the center of your shirt. If you have a double outlined piece, like the crown, keep that little guy and set it aside for later.

Once everything is cut out you can start the bleaching! You can look at the packaging of your pen to see exact directions for the brand you have. Here I used the thinner tip because of the design but it's your choice. As you squeeze it on, brush the bleach -so it's more flat then tube-ish- with your tip. In the second picture you can see why you kept the little insert! So just set it down and trace around it.
Lastly, my wonderful sister freehanded the letters for me.

Next fill up your sink- or a nice sized bowl with water. I used warm water here. Just dunk it in there and squish and squeeze it to rinse the bleach off. After the water turned rusty orange I rinsed out the bowl, filled it up again and rinsed the shirt again. That's about it! The last thing I did was throw it in the washing machine on the spin cycle for a couple of minutes and then hung it to dry!

Super easy and nice vintage/old comfy style kinda thing haha. Who are your guys' favorite bands?

If you have any questions just go ahead and leave them below!

Stay minty,


  1. So happy you're back! Love this DIY :) x

    1. You're so sweet! I'm glad too:) Thank you!
      xx Juli

  2. This is SUCH a cool idea!! Great post.
    I am definitely going to give it a go :)
    Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I love this idea for a t-shirt, definetly going to try it! -


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