Friday, December 27, 2013

25 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! As this is my first post, I should think I should say welcome (welcome!) and introduce myself (I'm Juli!). I thought there would be no better way than telling you guys a few things about me, so here we go:
  1. When I was little I watched Bugs Life on repeat for days and hours on end
  2. I love sweaters
  3. I obsess with photography and videography-though I'm not quite sure videography is a word, so you could also say cinematography! 
  4. 4 has been my lucky number from the day I was born, it pops up all over the place, I could go on for ages about it haha. 
  5. I love writing and reading.
  6. I hope to have my first book published very soon.
  7. Music is my life. 
  8. During the Summer I actually work at a Boy Scout camp!
  9. I have a sorta big family- 4 sisters (who will probably pop up here and there) 1 brother in law, one adopted(kinda) brother and his wife, plus my mom, dad, dog and kitty!
  10. All of my best friends live thousands of miles away from me.
  11. My best friends are all so so amazing.
  12. Sleepytime tea is my absolute favorite tea! 
  13. This number reminds me of Taylor Swift <3
    (Just so you all know she is even better in concert which is mind blowing because she's flawless already)
  14. I want to travel the world sososososo badly.
  15. I can quote Harry Potter into any conversation!
  16. There are a LOT of concerts I want to see so much. 
  17. I love to help people, whether they're in my town or across the world (you can talk to me anytime!)
  18. Altoids are my life source (peppermint flavored particularly) 
  19. I have really bad anxiety(and a few other things)
  20. my dog and cat are SO cute hehe.
  21. I am a HUGE fangirl.
  22. I love the smell of books! (this number also reminds me of Taylor Swift haha)
  23. I love Disney so much omg
  24. My hair is always in a braid (generally a side braid)
  25. I often stay up until 3/4 A.M just because my brain doesn't wanna shut off!

    Well, there's a few things for you all to read :) I can't wait to get my blog up and running and I hope you all enjoy it! The pages will be up soon and also, thank you Anna SO much for doing my blog design! I absolutely lovelovelove it:) Which I've told you a lot already hehe.
    Here is a link to Anna's profile, she has lots of amazing blogs
    Talk to you all soon, with DIY's, how-to's and lots of other things for you all to enjoy!
    Stay minty 


  1. Congrats on starting a blog! I love the design. Do you do add swaps ? xx
    - imogen

    1. Thank you!
      I love your blog as well :)
      I'd love to do an ad swap if you want to!


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