Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Donut Stationary

DIY Donut stationary

So, is it just me or are donut (doughnut??) graphics/watercolors/stationary/crafty things reaaaally, cute?
Well, I happen to think they are, so I put a donutty craft on my to-do list, and came up with these little guys!

I'll be honest with you, this is not how I was picturing these guys in my head! I wasn't so sure about posting them, but my family was telling me they were pretty cute, so here they are! 

• Large circular object (I used a roll of tape)
• Small circular object
• Construction paper in the colors of your choice
• Scissors or exact-o knife
• Pencil
• Tape and or glue
• Things to decorate- I used confetti that I punched, glitter pen and markers.
You can also use glitter/glitter glue and whatever else you can think of!

What you do:

• Trace around your large circle with pencil, and then use your small object to trace a middle hole
•Cut out around the large circle and then fold it in half
• Cut out the middle circle. Folding it in half just makes it easier- but feel free to do it however you please!

• Cut out another circle for either your donut shape or icing
• Cut a squiggly shape out of preferred icing color and tape or glue onto main donut shape
•Then decorate them to your hearts content.

Once you're done you can use them as stationery or you could even punch a small hole into the top and use them for bunting! Or put it into an envelope like I did and you could ship it off somewhere!
I love these cute little triangle envelopes, if you guys like them I could make a tutorial.
I haven't tried it myself yet, but I've heard you can ship them out in that shape!

I hope you guys like this simple little DIY :) If you make some, email me a picture or tag me on instagram! @Justpepperminty
I'm thinking about making some other foody shaped stationery too! I'll keep you guys updated.

Stay Minty,


  1. This is SO cute! I have been wanting to make these for ages, bunting would look really cute!

    Ruby xox

    1. Awe thanks! You totally should! I'd love to see a picture :)
      xx Juli

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  3. these are super cute ! i literally just finished painting my pumpkin for halloween and i turned it into a donut ahah

    elaine x


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